Welcome to IT Verticals

We’re a software company based in Florida and we make good things happen!

If you wonder who we are, find out we’re 2 creative entrepreneurs with a talented team of digital strategists, designers, developers, marketers, communications, project managers and business developers work in a collaborative manner.

Right Approach

IT Verticals, a strong believer of agile and incremental software development approach. Instead of engaging into a long one cycle development approach, we’ve mastered the art of engaging our customers in a feedback process which will allow them to:

1. Avoid surprises (Yes, we believe surprises are not good for business).

2. Understand their needs and refine them as they go.

3. Control what they receive and when they receive.

The reason behind the success of IT Verticals is the collaboration of our client in an honest environment where we are always sharing constructive insights and opportunities. During our Sessions, our goal is to work with them to break larger topics into smaller deliverable modules and prioritize them as required by the respective business.

Our approach incorporates quality from get-go and flourishes on a risk based approach where we tackle difficult topics to minimize the risk to any project. We never fight the change, but rather embrace them to stay with or ahead of our customer’s business domain.

Right Partner

Our first project with a client is the opportunity to meet and know them. This allows us to learn and master the core values and business processes and guide them in optimizing their business process not just with technology solution, but also by introducing improved and optimized processes and necessary staff training.

Just like anything else, we do not believe one-size-fits-all partnership approach can work with our partners. We customize our agreement as per your needs and adjust accordingly. If you are an IT company, we can mentor your team by leading your projects and also share our best practices. Moreover, if you need experienced IT professionals, we can provide an on-site development team with great leadership skills for collaboration of complex projects with ease till the execution of the project.

This holistic approach has allowed us to work effectively with our clients over a longer period of time, learning their values and different aspects and deliver value that have improved the bottom line.

Right People

As quoted by the Vice President of our Development team, “We build software’s and simultaneously solve business problems!”

Yes, we are awesome in what we do and we love it as we enjoy it every day! Our award-winning team is into the craft of Information Technology because they are exceptionally talented and GREAT in their trade.

We take pride in our work as it requires passion to take it to the next level and making difference every day. Our reputation is not based on marketing or TV ads, but rather our ability of delivering effective solutions that will help you enhance the productivity of your organization.

Our recruitment process focuses on personalities of individuals just like it focus on their intellectual abilities.