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If you’re looking to increase sales, but lack the expertise or the time to step away from your business, We offers great Marketplace Management services that can be completely customized to your unique situation.

Start and Grow your Business through Marketplace Activities

Are you interested to increase sales, but don’t have enough knowledge or the time to step away from your business, then you have been landed at the right place. IT verticals offer marketplace management services that can be customized according to your specific business needs. Whether you have a small business with just a few items for sale or a large international manufacturer/retailer, IT Verticals can provide you a flawless solution to manage your product listed on Amazon, eBay and Sears, eBay and Marketplace today.

Though online stores like Amazon, eBay and Sears, eBay and Sears offer the most competitive, easy to navigate and user friendly shopping experience, but things on the back end can be quite complicated for a new business seller like you. If you want your store to stand apart from other than search engine optimization is key to getting your product listed and ranking on search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

If you are a manufacture, drop shipper or e-commerce store looking to sell on Amazon, eBay and Sears, eBay and, we can help you get your products listed and ranking.

We have sound experience in creating customized Amazon, eBay and Sears, eBay and Sears Inventory Files to get your product listed correctly on Amazon, eBay and Sears and dealing with upload errors all while keeping your up-front costs low. IT Vertical also helps in creating and managing Amazon, eBay and Sears inventory of your products up to date and helps them rank better. Contact us today by filling-out the form and let us know how we can help you to take advantage of the Marketplace like Amazon, eBay and Sears, eBay and Sears.

What we can do for you!

  • We collect all the needed information about your products
  • Develop customized data file according to eBay, Sears and Amazon, eBay and Sears’s specific file formats
  • We ensure that your product is uploaded in right product listing at Amazon, eBay and Sears, eBay and Sears
  • Resolve problems related to upload errors, ASIN conflicts and formatting issues
  • We maintain products inventory and item listings
  • Generates reports that would help you to track your products, sales and promotion at Amazon, eBay and Sears, eBay and Sears
  • Inventory and Price update as per suggested by you
  • IT verticals will perform through QA i.e. manual verification of date after loading
  • We manage and review and try our best to improve your rating, also try to remove any negative feedbacks
  • We offer market price analysis and add-on option, we can suggest and apply best prices for your products (On demand only)
  • We can list your items with missing data (required fields to list on Amazon, eBay and Sears,eBay and Sears) like the UPC (On demand only)
  • We will keep a close eye on your store and let you know about how and where to improve (On demand only)
  • We also offer creative content writing services that will provide a much needed boost to your product sales (On demand only)

Currently we offer two flexible pricing options that would help you to get to Amazon, eBay and Sears, eBay and Sears Marketplace: One-time upload cost and a flat monthly fee, or a reasonable up-front cost and percentage of sale total, you can prick whatever mode suits you best. Contact IT Verticals today and let us know how we can help you to increase sales and flourish your business today!


All Amazon, eBay and Sears Restrictions apply like, the seller must be allowed to sell in that category/brand. Complete data with UPCs (Additional charges to load SKUs without UPC)

(Additional charges for Competitor Pricing analysis)

Why US?

  • Confidentiality – We never share your business ideas/tricks with anyone else
  • A team of experienced professionals- We are experienced in managing eBay and Amazon, eBay and Sears stores for many of our clients and also in Social Media, Internet Research, Content Writing, Blog Services.
  • Reliable services at reasonable and affordable costs- We work as a team where team members work simultaneously.
  • Timely updates on the task allotted- We always keep you informed of what we did and how much time we spent on it.
  • Work on weekends as per your needs -We believe in completing work on time.
  • Suggestions on how and where to improve your business- We always try to find out better ways of doing things and how we can do things more effectively.

Affiliate Marketing Services

Affiliate marketing provides a new route to market for online businesses. Affiliates carry advertising (from banner advertising to product listings) and generate incremental sales that may otherwise end up with your competition.

Affiliate marketing is considered to be the ‘purest’ form of online advertising. By paying only for transactions, its like having hundreds or thousands of sales people working on ‘commission only’ for your online business.

Currently our team is managing successful affiliate programs on a range of affiliate networks including; ShareASale, Commission Junction & Link share.

Over recent years the affiliate industry has seen substantial growth and in order to fully benefit from this new sales channel it is essential to understand the needs of each type of affiliate.

With such a wide range of opportunities to generate sales through affiliates, it is essential to have your affiliate program managed by a team of industry professionals who can add real value to your affiliate marketing management.