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Acquiring a new customer is a science while retaining them is an Art. It has been proven by many case studies that mobile applications play an active part in customer retention be allowing business to learn about their customer, pushing them targeted offers and services and providing services in fraction of time.

iOs Development Services

Inception of iOs applications has rendered impeccable power and functionality to mobile phones and handheld devices. We at IT Verticals, specialize in embodying exceptional functional capabilities in these gadgets by developing innovative and robust iOs applications. With our in-depth knowledge of development processes, we deliver robust and comprehensive iOs applications catering to diversified business verticals.

Android Development Services

At IT Verticals, we have a team of experts that has best-in-class skills by using the Android platform. It renders qualitative android apps development solutions to enterprises and have proven expertise in Android apps development that ensures value-added services to your mobile operations. Our programmers are engrossed in developing scalable and highly robust android mobile applications and porting to distinct mobile platforms.

HTML Mobile Apps Development

IT Verticals is a prominent mobile app development company that specializes in rendering innovative and out-of-box apps that harness the potential of cutting-edge HTML technology. The feature-rich, business-centric mobile apps developed by IT Verticals are highly scalable and robust, which enhances the way your business interacts with your target audience.

Phone Gap

PhoneGap is an application container technology for building cross-platform mobile applications using languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. PhoneGap development is an ideal solution to create & deploy the same application across different mobile platforms with the same code base. This leverages high cost saving for your application.

User Testing: Before submitting your app to the iTunes or Google Play App Stores, we’ll take it for a test drive with real users. With our structured program, we facilitate the controlled testing of your app, gather and analyze feedback, and implement critical improvements to ensure a flawless user experience upon launch.

App Store Optimization (ASO): With over one million apps in each of the major app stores, making it easy to find your product is paramount to a successful launch and strong future growth. Our iTunes App Store and Google Play optimization service guide you through each step of the launch process, from analyzing competitive rankings and positions to selecting key search terms and creating the visual and written assets that position your app for success.

How We Do IT

We start by exploring your strategy and market potential before applying this to product development.

After approving the strategy and the information architecture, we create visual prototypes which are fully approved before the design and implementation of the application.

  • Requirements: Our user interface expert meets with the client and creates user stories regarding the future mobile app. It’s an essential step to let us know what we’re up to.
  • UI Flow Diagram and wire-frames: User stories are incorporated into flow diagrams and wire-frames, to ensure good usability and translate the requirements into app developers’ language
  • SCRUM Sprint (2 week sprints): We use an efficient, iterative methodology for agile software development – SCRUM – creating shippable product increments in 2 week sprints. We communicate with our clients using Skype screen sharing and videos.
  • App Store Submission: Our experience with submitting various applications to app stores makes it quick and painless for you
  • Maintenance: To ensure high quality of the end product we offer constant maintenance for the application and its further development. We Create Awesome Mobile Apps, Craft Beautiful Web Sites, Drive Marketing Campaigns. We are a technology agency dedicated to solving real world problems. We are led by our desire to produce great work and our need to switch things and people on.

Mobile Apps Benefits

For Users

• One touch access
• Easy to use
• Information on finger tips
• Fast & free
• Function offline
• Enable Push Notifications for Direct Contact with Customers
• Always visible on your phone’s home screen

For Business

• Build relationships
• Build loyalty
• Reinforce your brand
• Increase your visibility
• Increase your accessibility
• Increase exposure across mobile devices
• Connect you with on-the-go consumers
• Enhance your social networking strategies

IT Verticals’ Mobile App Differentiators

Reduced Time to Market

In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive business world, reducing time to market is often paramount to one-up the competition. Our system emphasizes incremental development and rapid prototyping, which means you’ll get working results faster.

100% transparency

As a customer, you are always in control and fully updated on the project status, and your feedback is critical to the continuous improvement of the mobile solution. To make sure all parties are on the same page, our mobile app developers utilize daily status reports, conference/Skype calls, email updates, and on-site visits, if necessary.

Superior quality

Our process relies on continuous testing procedures, which means software bugs are discovered and fixed early on. To maintain the overall level of quality throughout the project lifecycle, each release is thoroughly tested, and customer feedback is carefully collected to enhance the next version.

More business value

Our mobile application developers utilize a feature-centric methodology, with, business-critical features developed first. In addition, change requests are handled quickly and effectively, thus ensuring the product meets the stakeholders’ requirements.


To make each project as risk-free as possible, we include warranty clauses into every contract we sign. This guarantees your mobile app will be delivered within the time and budget constraints specified, and provides for a free of charge warranty period to eliminate any defects discovered after the project is completed.

Research of Mobile Space

At ITV, we pride ourselves on staying on the bleeding edge of new mobile technology, resources, and design elements.

Design Efficiency & UX

We solve complex issues like interaction models and data visualization, aiming for optimal user retention through enjoyable and efficient user experiences.

Beautiful, Intuitive UI

We create highly polished visual designs that leverage and extend established brand standards and are in sync with our clients’ business goals and expectations.

Precise & Clean Code

Our development team works collaboratively to deliver excellent code quality in a variety of languages.

One-On-One Contact

Our designers and developers alike are in contact with our clients directly, with the addition of a project manager. The conversation has never been easier.

An Array of Services

We execute front-end and back-end development for our clients along with many additional services.

Why Choose Us

As a close-knit company, ITV offers customer service tailored to your needs. Our process is composed of robust Design and Development teams, with a flow of tasks and scheduling made efficient by a Project Manager.

  • A solid team of experienced mobile app developers
  • Strong technology competency
  • Seamless communication through Phone/Skype/Chat/Email
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Expertise in mobile user experience, mobile commerce (like payments, transactions, mobile wallets, coupons, offers, etc.) as well as mobile loyalty, location-based marketing, mobile gaming and out of home to their digital initiatives.

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